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Abel Large Arbor Super 12 Fly Fishing Reel

Abel Super 6 Fly Reel Large Arbor Black NIB

Abel Super 7 Fly Reel Large Arbor Blue III NIB

Abel Super 7 Fly Reel Large Arbor Black NIB

Abel Large Arbor Super 12 Fly Fishing Reel

Abel Super 6 Fly Reel Large Arbor Black NIB

Abel Super 8 Fly Reel Large Arbor Blue III NIB

Abel TR 1 Fly Fishing Reel 2 3 4 weight lines

Abel Super 8 Fly Reel Large Arbor Black NIB

Abel Super 5 Fly Reel Large Arbor Black NIB

Abel Super 10 Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel for 10 11 Weight Lines

Abel Super 4 Fly Reel Large Arbor Black NIB

Abel Super 6 Fly Reel Large Arbor Olive NIB


Abel Super 7 Fly Reel Large Arbor Deep Green NIB


Abel Super 8 Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel for 8 9 Weight Lines 3 Large Arbor

Abel Super 9 Fly Reel Large Matte Black NIB

Abel Super Series 4N Large Arbor Slate Fly Reel

Abel Creek 2 Fly Reel Limited American Flag Anodization

Abel Big Game Series 4N Fly Reel

Abel Super 5 Fly Reel Large Arbor Olive NIB

Abel Super 12 Standard Arbor 4.5 Fly Fishing Reel for 12 13 Weight Lines
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Abel Creek 2 STD Fly Reel for lines 5 6 7 fly line not included

Abel Super 4 Fly Reel Large Arbor Red NIB
click for Full Info on this Cain and Abel at Work
Cain and Abel at Work
Do you know a Cain at work? The back-stabbing liar who steals credit for your ideas... The a**-kissing co-worker who worries about "face time" while you stay late working hard... The gossipy colleague who spreads rumors just to create drama in the office. If any of these people sound familiar, watch out: a Cain is lurking, ready to sabotage your job, your promotion, and even your reputation at work. Written by two veteran media and political strategists, Cain and Abel at Work will help you survive the ultimate political arenathe officeand prepare you for the real-world interpersonal dynamics they don't teach you in business school. In the Old Testament story that serves as the beginning metaphor for this book, backstabbing Cain kills the honorable Abel out of jealousy, and despite being punished with banishment, he goes on to marry, have a son, and build a city around him. All of a sudden, Cain gets to be a father, real estate developer, and probably the first politician of his day, while Abel's life is over in a flash. Authors Gerry Lange and Todd Domke have discovered that this type of injustice is still alive and well in the modern competitive workplace. Together, they have decades of personal experience and first-hand encounters with scheming, calculating Cains, and now they're giving readers an invaluable guide for coping with and combating Cain at work. Using real-life case studies to illustrate how Cains operate, Cain and Abel at Work will teach you how to: Identify the Cains before they make you their victim Recognize the tactics Cains use to gain status and power Win out over Cains without stooping to their level With compelling new insight into human behavior and competition developed from the authors' experience in the political, media, and business arenas, Cain and Abel at Work explains what motivates both Cains and Abels at work. Not only does this book explore and deplore the behavior of Cains, it also explains how the simple navet of Abels allows Cains to get away with their shenanigans. If anyone has ever stolen an idea from you or grabbed credit for your work, if they've taken advantage of or walked all over you, you need this book. Cain and Abel at Work is an office survival guide no well-intentioned Abel should be without. From the Hardcover edition.
click for Full Info on this Snugaroos Hoops Themed Sippy Cup With Abel Engraving Pack of 3
Snugaroos Hoops Themed Sippy Cup With Abel Engraving Pack of 3
Award winning Snugaroos™ Custom Engraved 3D Labels are uniquely designed for sippy cups and baby bottles. These fun reusable labels are the safe and smart alternative to adhesive labels. Created by a mom these stretchable name labels are perfect for easily identifying your child's drinking containers. No more mix-ups or lost sippy cups and bottles. Each fun design is an original work of art that captures the child's and parent's interests.These adorable designer sippy cup and baby bottle labels feature a variety of bright colors and designs and fit snuggly around containers so small children can't remove. Snugaroos™ Labels feature a fun 3D design on one side and are Engraved with childs name on the other side. Each 3D label is custom engraved for personalization in the USA.Dribble it pass it let's make a basket! Take it to the hoop and give everyone the scoop that you are using Snugaroos™ Sippy Cup & Bottle Labels!Sky Blue HoopsEasy to use: simply stretch around container and release for a snug fitVariety of fun original 3D designsEngraved with childs nameFits sippy cups bottles and other various drinking containersPerfect for daycare preschool nursery play dates sporting events etc.Reusable and durable for long lasting repeated useMakes containers easier to gripCreative designs encourage tactile developmentDishwasher and microwave safeWon’t wash awayFDA compliant non-toxic materialPhthalate Lead and BPA FREEPrevents mix ups and reduces the spread of germsNo adhesivesGreat for gift givingCan be boiled/sterilizedGreat for water/sports bottlesKids love Snugaroos™Patent PendingPediatrician RecommendedEngraved name on cup: Abel
click for Full Info on this Kane and Abel/Sons of Fortune
Kane and Abel/Sons of Fortune
Kane and Able: William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski, one the son of a Boston millionaire, the other a penniless Polish immigrant. Two men, born on the same day, on opposite sides of the world, their paths destined to cross in their ruthless struggle to build a fortune. An unputdownable story, spanning sixty years, of two powerful men linked by an all-consuming hatred, brought together by fate to saveand finally destroyeach other. Sons of Fortune: #1 New York Times bestselling author Jeffrey Archer has mesmerized thousands of readers over the years with his riveting novels and unforgettable characters. Now he returns with another remarkable novel that proves he is still one of the most gifted writers of all time... In hushed maternity ward, an infant dies, while twin brothers thrive. By morning, one mother is told that her only child is doing fine. Another is told that she has tragically lost one of her sons... Twins seperated at birth, Nathaniel Cartwright and Fletcher Davenport have been raised in different worlds, and have both thrived among the best and brightest of their generation. In an era of violent change, free love, and blind ambition, Nat goes off to war, while Fletcher enters political combat. With each choice they make--in love and career, through tragedy and triumph--their lives mirror one another...until a high-profile murder case brings them together. Until a high-stakes political battle turns them into rivals. Until a decades-old secret is exposed...and two powerful men must confront their bonds of fate and fortune.
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Real and Reel
Real and Reel is a light-hearted, ironic account of a lifetime's addiction. It is one person's story, but it may strike familiar sparks among many others. Though there have been plenty of other interests to keep life lively, nothing else has exerted such a long-standing grip on the author's imagination as film. From a little before ten years of age, he became addicted to stories told on the screen and the mere fact that he had difficulty in getting to see the films he wanted - or any for that matter - only made them seem more alluring. But it wasn't just seeing the films that mattered; he also wanted, and quite soon needed, to be writing about them and these obsessions have been part of his life for the next sixty-odd years. Brian McFarlane has had overlapping careers as secondary-school teacher, academic and writer. He is now Adjunct Associate Professor attached to the English Department of Monash University where he taught for many years, and was Visiting Professor (Film) at the University of Hull, UK. His books include Words and Images: Australian Novels into Film, New Australian Cinema: Sources and Parallels in American and British Film, An Autobiography of British Cinema, The Oxford Companion to Australian Film (co-edited), The Encyclopedia of British Film, The British 'B' Film (co-authored), and he is a frequent reviewer for The Age, The Australian Book Review, Metro and Sight and Sound. He lives in Melbourne with Geraldine, his wife of fifty years, has three children and six grandchildren.
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Reel Time
In this authoritative work, Seiler and Seiler argues that the establishment and development of moviegoing and movie exhibition in Prairie Canada is best understood in the context of changing late-nineteenth-century and early-twentieth-century social, economic, and technological developments. From the first entrepreneurs who attempted to lure customers in to movie exhibition halls, to the digital revolution and its impact on moviegoing, Reel Time highlights the pivotal role of amusement venues in shaping the leisure activities of working- and middle-class people across North America. As marketing efforts, the lavish interiors of the movie palace and the romantic view of the local movie theatre concealed a competitive environment in which producers, exhibitors, and distributors tried to monopolize the industry and drive their rivals out of business. The pitched battles and power struggles between national movie theatre chains took place at the same time that movie exhibitors launched campaigns to reassure moviegoers that theatres were no longer the unclean and immoral places of amusement of yesteryear. Under the leadership of impresarios, the movie theatre rose up from these attacks to become an important social and cultural centre one deemed suitable for women and children. An innovative examination of moviegoing as a social practice and movie exhibition as a commercial enterprise, Reel Time depicts how the industry shaped the development of the Canadian Prairie West and propelled the region into the modern era.

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